ID Mapping or, LINUX Devotees, rejoice!

Posted January 23rd, 2013

We all know about the divide between windows and linux. What always fascinated me about that divide is that (a lot of) fervent linux users simply hate all windows platforms, whereas (most) windows users aren’t so much hateful towards linux, but indifferent and too lazy to get to know (one of the) linux platforms. This also paints the power divide between the two platforms, especially in the working place.

One reason why windows is still the dominant platform in the working place is that linux does not offer a comparable way to maintain a single identity database — comparable to Active Directory, that is.

I’m sure I can hear some linux grumbles, but… as long as windows is dominant, why not use Active Directory to seduce people to start using linux? Because Active Directory can be used as a single identity database for linux users, meaning — it is possible to join linux computers to an active directory and allow windows users to log on to those linux computers with their windows credentials.

The way to go in this respect is using Winbind on the linux side in combination with ID mapping on the active directory side.

ADUC Adminplus offers 5 schemes to generate a unique uidNumber for users:

– From Store Object
– Generate Random Number
– Generate RID Number
– Copy Attribute Value
– Highest Number + 1

ADUC Adminplus offers 2 schemes to generate a gidNumber for users:

– GID from Primary Group
– GID from Group

ADUC Adminplus offers 4 schemes to generate a unique gidNumber for groups:

– From Store Object
– Generate Random Number
– Generate RID Number
– Highest Number + 1

If you need another scheme, don’t hesitate to let us know, and we will build it for you!

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