Newsletter June 2012

Posted June 26th, 2012

Hi everyone,

After reinventing ourselves, this is a copy of our first new newsletter. Hope you enjoy it. This one was aimed at our early clients and explains our new design and upgrade, if you’re a trial user you might enjoy it anyway.

23 June 2012

We’ve been busy over at VisionIT over the past year – in fact, we’ve completely rebranded ourselves! [/applause]

As one of our early-adopter clients – we want to thank you for using our software by offering you a FREE licensed upgrade. No strings attached. [/salespitch :)]

What’s New At VisionIT:
New Name:
We’ve changed our brand completely to better reflect our image of ourselves and to help us grow. Our software is the same (with some awesome upgrades) but now has a new name: ADUC AdminPlus. [/upgrade]

New Website:
Yup – not just a new logo and name – we actually completely rebuilt our website with the help of some “professionals”. All of our products and services are now located at our new home on the web: [/awesomewebsite]

A Blog!:
With our cool new site, we decided it would be important to start blogging so people understood our capabilities. Look for news, software updates, SysAdmin stuff and information about Active Directory coming down the pipe. We want to become a hub for SysAdmins to exchange thoughts and funny stories. [/blogpitch]

The Newsletter:
When not managing large networks – we spent the rest of the year working on our brand and completely upgrading our software (see below). Now it’s time to start engaging more. This newsletter will be sent out every month or so, and we want it to be packed with great information for SysAdmins. [/information]

We’re Social!
Follow up on Twitter (@aducplus), join us on Facebook or on LinkedIn! Connect and share with us anywhere. [/social]

Our Mascot:
You may have noticed the Duck. Well – genius, figure out why we chose a duck as our mascot ;) He’s the face of our company moving forward and loves nerdy t-shirt ideas.[/supduck]

The VisionIT Team.

You are the owner of an ActiveDirectoryPlus license for one or more users. You might still run under the 2.x version, and if you haven’t done so, you can now upgrade for free.

If you are a 2.x user and have not upgraded yet to version 3.x . This is the procedure:
1. Send us an email with your old credentials
2. Make sure you include the Active Directory domain for which the license should enabled
3. Download the new version on our download page
4. Install the license key

Check out the upgrades we’ve made on our blog:


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