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Our license rates drop depending on the number of 'seats' you require. You can add seats at any time to your current license.


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Comes with a lifetime license and upgrades. This is a one-time purchase that will save you money immediately.

$ 750 USD

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Need more than 50 licenses?
Contact us directly for special bulk license pricing and payment plans. We're super flexible.

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Payment Options

We use Avangate as our payment processing tool because they allow us to sell licenses via credit card OR Purchase orders. We understand that SysAdmins don't usually have the authority (or credit card number!) to make this type of purchase.

Not sure how many licenses you need?
Seats are based on the number of SysAdmins your network requires to maintain the network. You can run 1 license on your entire network if you only want 1 SysAdmin operating aducADMIN+ - however, each install of aducADMIN+ requires a license for that user.

We're a software company based in Amsterdam that focuses on large-scale network management software. aducADMIN+ is our flagship product - but we also manage networks of over 20,000 users.

Vision It has been developing custom software solutions since 2009 and launched aducADMIN+ in 2010 to help us save time and money managing our own networks.

Developing software out of amsterdam, The Netherlands with installations in over 50 countries around the globe.


+31 20 893 2017