What’s new? Upgrading from Version 2.x to Version 3.x

Posted June 21st, 2012

SupDuc -EC2012

As some of older clients are upgrading their 2.x versions of ADUC AdminPlus to 3.x they have asked us what’s new for managing their ActiveDirectory.




Well, this is new in V3.x:

Remote Control. ADUC AdminPlus now offers a basic, but very flexible way of taking over remote desktops. A session can either be started by installing the Remote Control client as a service on the target PC, or by sending a session shortcut to the target PC’s logged on user.

Draw Membership Relations. The effective memberships (both of the Member and Member Of attribute) can now be viewed in graphics, offering insight in membership relations and facilitating the cleanup of complex group structures.


Send Network Message. Network messages of up to 255 characters can now be sent to any number of computers in your network, regardless of client platform and without the need for pre-client configuration.


Obsolete Users & Computers. The Obsolete Users & Computers functionality has been extended to include data retrieval from individual domain controllers or any combination of domain controllers of choice.


Export help to file. The help texts can now be exported to file, per page or in its entirety.


Alternative WMI Credentials. ADUC AdminPlus now offers the option to run WMI queries under alternative WMI credentials.



If you are a 2.x user and have not upgraded yet. This is the procedure:

1. Send us an email with your old credentials

2. Make sure you include the domain for which the license should enabled

3. Download the new version on our download page

4. Install the license key


Happy Aduc!

BTW in case you missed it, the Dutch left the European Soccer Championship, so its time to take of my shirt again.

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